New Year’s Eve with Jason Isbell & The Dirty Dozen Brass Bandwith Special Guests Grits & Gravy

  1. New Year’s Eve with Jason Isbell & The Dirty Dozen Brass Bandwith Special Guests Grits & Gravy
    Event on 2013-12-31 21:30:00

    Join us for New Year's Eve 2013 featuring Jason Isbell & Dirty Dozen Brass Band with special guests Grits & Gravy Soul & Funk Party! This year's edition of the largest and most celebratory annual party in Charlottesville features two great headlining acts, the Southern rock of Jason Isbell complimented by the Bayou brass of Dirty Dozen Brass Band. The countdown to 2014 will kick off with your favorite classic soul & funk spun by local DJ standbys Grits & Gravy. The New Year's Eve celebration will continue well into 2014 as The Southern Café & Music Hall plays host to the NYE After Party ft. Grits & Gravy, kicking off directly after the final song at the Jefferson. Laissez le Bon Temps Rouler!
    For patrons who enjoy the finer things in life, there are a limited number of VIP packages available for purchase. Packages include:
    ·       A special New Orleans themed pre-show reception at the Southern Café & Music Hall with a tasty & complimentary N'awlins styled spread and an intimate Lagniappe set from the Dirty Dozen Brass Band!
    ·       Early Entry to the Jefferson.
    ·       Complimentary champagne toast as we countdown to 2014 at the Jefferson.
    ·       Commemorative show poster & laminate.
    ·       Free admission to the After Party at the Southern featuring Grits & Gravy.
    For those with travel needs, the Jefferson Theater & The Holiday Inn at Monticello are teaming up to offer exclusive rates for New Year's Eve celebration attendees including complimentary transportation to and from the show.
    Make 2013's end the highlight of the year, we'll see you on December 31st!
    More about the Artists:
    Jason Isbell
    Southeastern is not a record Jason has made before, and not simply because the glorious storm and drama of his band, the 400 Unit, is absent. They will tour together; it's not a break-up record, not an album of dissolving, but, rather, songs of discovery. And not at all afraid, not even amid the tears.
    Which is to say that he has grown up.
    That it has been a dozen years since he showed up at a party and left in the Drive-By Truckers' van with two travel days to learn their songs. And then taught them some of his songs in the bargain.
    Jason Isbell's solo career has seemed equally effortless, from Sirens of the Ditch (2007) to Jason Isbell & The 400 Unit (2009), through Here We Rest (2011) and last year's Live From Alabama. Loud records, unrepentantly southern, resplendent with careful songwriting. Songs which inspire and intimidate other musicians, and critics."
    Dirty Dozen Brass Band
    To describe how the Dirty Dozen Brass Band has arrived at its 36th Anniversary, trumpet player Gregory Davis employs a tried-and true New Orleans-centric analogy: "It ends up being like a pot of gumbo – you drop in a little okra, drop in a little shrimp, you drop in some crabs. Before you know it, you've mixed in all these different ingredients and you've got a beautiful soup. That was our approach to music early on and it still is today."
    Baritone sax player Roger Lewis — who, like Davis, has been with the combo since its inception in 1977 — echoes that sentiment: "It's a big old musical gumbo, and that probably made the difference, separating us from other brass bands out of New Orleans. It put a different twist on the music. We were not trying to change anything, we were just playing the music we wanted to play and not stay in one particular bag."
    "As we continue to do live shows," Davis concludes, "the challenge is still going to be, how am I going to entertain these people that are in front of me tonight? You have to make that happen at the moment, and that's what we do best."

    at Jefferson Theater
    110 East Main Street
    Charlottesville, United States

  2. Appetite for Destruction – Tribute to Guns N’ Roses
    Event on 2014-01-03 20:00:00
    venue: House of Blues Dallas
    date & time: Jan 03 08:00 PM / add to my calendar
    price: to
    genre: Rock
    age: all
    buy tickets

    at House of Blues – Dallas
    2200 N Lamar St
    Dallas, United States

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