New Year’s Eve with Jason Isbell & The Dirty Dozen Brass Bandwith Special Guests Grits & Gravy

  1. New Year’s Eve with Jason Isbell & The Dirty Dozen Brass Bandwith Special Guests Grits & Gravy
    Event on 2013-12-31 21:30:00

    Join us for New Year's Eve 2013 featuring Jason Isbell & Dirty Dozen Brass Band with special guests Grits & Gravy Soul & Funk Party! This year's edition of the largest and most celebratory annual party in Charlottesville features two great headlining acts, the Southern rock of Jason Isbell complimented by the Bayou brass of Dirty Dozen Brass Band. The countdown to 2014 will kick off with your favorite classic soul & funk spun by local DJ standbys Grits & Gravy. The New Year's Eve celebration will continue well into 2014 as The Southern Café & Music Hall plays host to the NYE After Party ft. Grits & Gravy, kicking off directly after the final song at the Jefferson. Laissez le Bon Temps Rouler!
    For patrons who enjoy the finer things in life, there are a limited number of VIP packages available for purchase. Packages include:
    ·       A special New Orleans themed pre-show reception at the Southern Café & Music Hall with a tasty & complimentary N'awlins styled spread and an intimate Lagniappe set from the Dirty Dozen Brass Band!
    ·       Early Entry to the Jefferson.
    ·       Complimentary champagne toast as we countdown to 2014 at the Jefferson.
    ·       Commemorative show poster & laminate.
    ·       Free admission to the After Party at the Southern featuring Grits & Gravy.
    For those with travel needs, the Jefferson Theater & The Holiday Inn at Monticello are teaming up to offer exclusive rates for New Year's Eve celebration attendees including complimentary transportation to and from the show.
    Make 2013's end the highlight of the year, we'll see you on December 31st!
    More about the Artists:
    Jason Isbell
    Southeastern is not a record Jason has made before, and not simply because the glorious storm and drama of his band, the 400 Unit, is absent. They will tour together; it's not a break-up record, not an album of dissolving, but, rather, songs of discovery. And not at all afraid, not even amid the tears.
    Which is to say that he has grown up.
    That it has been a dozen years since he showed up at a party and left in the Drive-By Truckers' van with two travel days to learn their songs. And then taught them some of his songs in the bargain.
    Jason Isbell's solo career has seemed equally effortless, from Sirens of the Ditch (2007) to Jason Isbell & The 400 Unit (2009), through Here We Rest (2011) and last year's Live From Alabama. Loud records, unrepentantly southern, resplendent with careful songwriting. Songs which inspire and intimidate other musicians, and critics."
    Dirty Dozen Brass Band
    To describe how the Dirty Dozen Brass Band has arrived at its 36th Anniversary, trumpet player Gregory Davis employs a tried-and true New Orleans-centric analogy: "It ends up being like a pot of gumbo – you drop in a little okra, drop in a little shrimp, you drop in some crabs. Before you know it, you've mixed in all these different ingredients and you've got a beautiful soup. That was our approach to music early on and it still is today."
    Baritone sax player Roger Lewis — who, like Davis, has been with the combo since its inception in 1977 — echoes that sentiment: "It's a big old musical gumbo, and that probably made the difference, separating us from other brass bands out of New Orleans. It put a different twist on the music. We were not trying to change anything, we were just playing the music we wanted to play and not stay in one particular bag."
    "As we continue to do live shows," Davis concludes, "the challenge is still going to be, how am I going to entertain these people that are in front of me tonight? You have to make that happen at the moment, and that's what we do best."

    at Jefferson Theater
    110 East Main Street
    Charlottesville, United States

  2. Appetite for Destruction – Tribute to Guns N’ Roses
    Event on 2014-01-03 20:00:00
    venue: House of Blues Dallas
    date & time: Jan 03 08:00 PM / add to my calendar
    price: to
    genre: Rock
    age: all
    buy tickets

    at House of Blues – Dallas
    2200 N Lamar St
    Dallas, United States

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Try positive reinforcement if you are having difficulties with your children. Older children are just learning how to deal with new emotions and physical changes. By setting an example and demonstrating the correct way to express oneself, a parent can help a child more effectively. Do not belittle your children when you’re disciplining them. In addition, these unkind words will have absolutely no effect on modifying your child’s behavior. Instead, use more encouraging language to help him change to better behavior.You can help your child build healthy self-esteem by encouraging him or her to enroll in a team sport. Going to your child’s games will be a great occasion for bonding and will show your child you care about their passion. Do not feel ashamed if you want to take parenting classes. These classes are made to help parents cope with the stresses and difficult decisions that come with parenting. Stay Digesting

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A good way to make your room cheerful and bright you can paint flower pots for use in decoration. Children may like decorating some of them and using them to put things like toys in them.Beautiful art is a wonderful design element. A painting can serve as a focal point, especially if it matches your design elements. A painting can inspire the decorating for the rest of the room. Before beginning any interior decorating project, it is best to come up with a mood. Think about the things you want to accomplish in a room. Are you looking for it to be a relaxing oasis away from your daily grind? Is it meant to be the worker room? Is it a room that you will have guests in? Every color can affect the overall mood of your space, so approach them cautiously. Think about including some fresh design elements into your space. They can give a room a sense of modern style. These elements should just be used as accents. Stay Digesting

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A simple method in starting your process in real estate buying is to get organized. Use a notebook to write information in that you gathered from online, newspapers, friends and your agent. With a handy reference notebook, it will be easy to find the information you seek. When you start shopping for a new property, stay calm and be realistic in the face of all the potential properties out there. Finding the property that is right for you sometimes isn’t a quick find.When looking at a home that has a basement, go down into the basement even if it is not finished. The reason for this is that the basement can tell you a lot about the house. Are there cracks in the foundation? Does it smell musty? Do you see water lines on the walls? All of these are warning signs.If you need to make improvements on your home, do them as soon as you move in. Putting these improvements off invokes the broken window theory, Stay Digesting

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Do not get coerced into purchasing add-ons that you don’t need. Protection packages and security systems are often encouraged. These costs can put a bad taste in your mouth when it comes time to pay. Research used cars thoroughly. There are many websites online that will give you an estimate of what your car can be sold for. The NADA or the Kelly Blue Book can help you determine the value. If the dealer sells the car for a lot more when you look at these sources, then you need to go elsewhere.Do some research to discover any “hidden” costs for a car. Insurance, fuel efficiency, resale value, and maintenance will all vary with different cars. Look into the car’s maintenance and miles per gallon. Such hidden expenses can amount to a lot in the long term.You should not let the salesman know you are in a hurry to get a car. This shows them your desperation, which they will use in their favor when they attempt Stay Digesting

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Where the infection occurs, you should put garlic on that area. You do not just have to eat the garlic to treat your yeast infection. You can apply it directly to the infected area for more immediate relief. If an entire clove is not needed, just crush the garlic and use what you need. It may not feel comfortable, but it is extremely effective. There are a huge variety of natural treatments that will help you conquer your yeast infection. Herbs, such as rosemary, goldenseal and cedar, can all help to inhibit growth. Soak pads in a mixture of these herbs to help relieve symptoms.If you are susceptible to yeast infections, then be very choosy about the fabrics you select for your undergarments. Things like nylon or other synthetics hold in moisture and that’s the kind of environment yeast and things thrive in. Choose cotton or silk underwear that will absorb the moisture. Eating yogurt every day can yelp Stay Digesting

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Call your credit card company as soon as you notice your card has been lost or stolen. The credit company can immediately prevent anyone from using your card. Your credit card company will immediately issue you a new credit card and number. Obtain a copy of your credit score, before you begin applying for a credit card. Credit card companies will determine your interest rate and conditions of credit by using your credit history, among other factors. Checking your credit score before you apply, will allow you to make sure you are getting the best rate possible. Be careful to stay away from actions that cause fees on your credit cards! Fees on missed or late payments, for instance, can be as high as $35 or more! This can also lead to your credit card company increasing your interest rate. Know what triggers can cause these fees by reading the fine print on any card you use.Check your monthly statement Stay Digesting

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You should add a bit of extra spring when you are gripping. You may only have one hand available when you need to use spring clamps. It is sometimes hard to get these things open when you’re only using a single hand. There is a way to make it easier. Before you begin a glue-up, place all the clamps that you need on a random scrap of wood using both free hands. This will have them easy to reach and ready to go so you can use them with one hand.Before beginning your woodworking project, create a space to work. Be it the garage, attic, or extra room, your space needs to have enough space to house your tools and supplies. Keeping all of your woodworking tools and materials in the same place allows you to work with a minimum of interruptions.Always use the recommended size nail for your job. Nails that are too large can cause the wood to split. However, very small nails do not penetrate the wood well; therefore, Stay Digesting

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Get the assistance of a worker at the gaming store when you are trying to pick games you might enjoy. Most people have genres that they find appealing, yet are not aware of the newest offerings. The store clerk will generally be knowledgeable enough to guide you to some options that will suit your needs. Even though the PS2 may not be the cream of the gaming system crop, if cheap is what you are after, it’s probably your best bet. The games are half the price of the ones for PS3 and Xbox. A used game console is also a good money-saving option, and there are plenty available in the market today. Gamers move forward to keep pace with the gaming industry. Gamers want to be able to get games nearly instantly and they don’t want to spend a lot for them. If the price of a new game seems excessive, delay your purchase for a couple of months. Most games usually become more affordable a few months after their Stay Digesting

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Have your dentist check your jaw for some sort of dysfunction, as this could be a cause of tinnitus. IF you have TMJ, or misalignment of the jaw it could cause your tinnitus. If that is what is causing your tinnitus, a dentist will usually be able to correct the alignment in your jaw, which should eliminate the tinnitus.Try to remember when your tinnitus symptoms started, did you being a new medication at the time? Many prescriptions have tinnitus as a side effect. By not longer taking medicines that have these side effect, you problems with tinnitus may cease. Slowly taper off the drugs under physician supervision and see if it helps.If tinnitus is causing you stress, try to meditate. Meditating is popular for the way that it helps relax the mind as well as the body. A good meditation regimen helps to minimize external and internal distractions. Training the mind in this way can help those with tinnitus Stay Digesting

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Don’t forget about your health care needs in the long-term. Lots of folks start to see a decline in their health as they get older. In some cases, this decline necessitates extra healthcare which can be costly. Long term health plans help alleviate the strain of increase costs.Do not let saving for retirement fall to the back-burner. If you save consistently throughout your working career, you should not have a problem in the future. Remember, though, that the later you start saving, the more money you need to put away each month. That is why it is important to save whatever you can each month, even if it is early in your career and you are not making much.Don’t burn any bridges in your career as you face retirement, because situations can change quickly! While it may feel good to tell your boss how you’ve really felt about him all these years, you may need to go back to work part-time and will want Stay Digesting

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If you want to purchase a new home, do some research into the neighborhoods of any residences that you are interested in. There is a lot of info available on the Internet. Make sure that you can live comfortably in a town by researching the population, unemployment rate and salary ranges.At a time like this, when mortgage rates are at an all time low, don’t let yourself get talked in to an adjustable rate mortgage. It will save you a little bit of money now, and could cost you huge in the future, if interest rates go up again. Do lots of research about the neighborhood you are considering buying in, before you make the purchase of a new home. Look at the crime rate, the school system and home owners association. You are buying in to that community and deciding that you don’t fit in later can be stressful and costly. If you have a car and you are looking to buy a home, make sure there is significant parking Stay Digesting

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To keep your homeowners insurance reasonable, invest in a security system. Many insurance carriers provide discounts for homes protected by an alarm system and the discount can be significant. Percentages may vary based on whether the system is connected to a central reporting station or police monitoring stations, so be sure to research all of your options.After purchasing your homeowner’s insurance policy, go around your home and take photographs of your belongings so you have a visual inventory. Store these photos in a fireproof safe or at a relative’s house. These photographs will help the insurance company document your claims, and help you get your money faster. Try to purchase floaters. Many home owner’s policies limit the amount you can get on some expensive items like computer equipment, jewelry, and other fine collectibles to just a fraction of there replacement value. If this happens, be sure Stay Digesting

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Know the listed Blue Book price of the car you are considering before starting to negotiate with the dealer. Understand that people who are selling cars will want to get the greatest amount of money possible for them. To educate yourself beforehand, use that information to create a deal.If you want to buy a new car, you should take advantage of the credit available to buy it. A great car is a nice investment, and taking out a bank loan is more affordable than dealing with the dealership. You’ll pay a ton less than the dealer offers. A customized car can be affordable if you know how. Ask the dealership about extras and negotiate the prices of these items. If they don’t, you can always go elsewhere. If you are interested in purchasing a custom car, do not allow them to take over the purchasing process. The best deals can be found online. There isn’t much of a reason to go to a regular car dealer in this Stay Digesting

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Learn about the integrity of the company you want to use. Specifically, take a hard look at the current CEO. What is their experience in the industry? Figure out if they are well-regarded and learn whether they have succeed with previous ventures. Listen to your customers and solve their problems with your products. That’s the key to selling in a heart beat. It starts with knowing your product like the back of your hand and listening to your customers with a keen ear. You’ll soon discover ways your product can really help them.Don’t just recruit people, mentor them. In multi-level marketing, you’re often rewarded for binging on more people. But if those people leave after a few short weeks, you’ve got nothing to show for all that recruiting effort. Instead, act as a mentor to your recruits. Show them the ropes and help them out. They’ll be more likely to stick around. Practice your networking skills. Stay Digesting

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Think about starting your peas indoors rather than planting them directly in the garden. Seeds will always germinate much better when you first plant them indoors initially. Your seedlings will be stronger, and this will mean they can withstand diseases and bug attacks. You can transplant the seedlings outside after they are sturdy enough. Look for targeted pesticides instead of using popular but damaging broad-spectrum products. These strong pesticides are non-selective, killing beneficial insects as well as pests. In fact, beneficial insects are more likely to die than pests if you spray these types of pesticides. As the population of “good” bugs dwindles, your garden may become overrun with pests. This may then lead to using even more pesticides to eliminate this new problem. Conserve water by watering your garden with rain water. Collect the rainwater in a container or barrel, which makes for a great Stay Digesting

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No matter where you are living, decorate it to make it feel like home. As you age, you may find that you cannot stay in the place you thought you would be forever. If you have relocated to a new home, fill it with items that make you feel comfortable. Get the recommended amount of sleep. Sleeping seven or nine hours can both relax you and help you retain a healthy hormonal balance. The less you sleep, the more irritable you will be in the morning. Try not to focus too strongly on your age in numbers. How old you feel on the inside is the most important aspect of age. Your age is not a number, it’s a feeling. So, you can technically be fifty years old but feel like you are forty. The key to youthfulness is not letting your actual age in numbers affect much of how you feel on the inside.You want to pay attention to your eyes when you age. Some eyesight is lost naturally over time, but you do need to have Stay Digesting

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Learn about the various ways in which you can market your product. These days, you don’t have to go door to door to sell something. Learn about creating a website. Learn about newsletters and how to manage an e-mail inbox. Find out what you can do and use it to your advantage. Become a good article writer. A terrific method of promoting your MLM opportunity and creating leads is article marketing. You’ve got to build up your confidence to write longer articles. Don’t consider these selling pieces. You want to write from the heart about themes related to your products and business. Succeeding with a multi-level marketing plan requires a quality email list in order to reach potential customers. If you are just starting out, you might consider purchasing an email list. You can also require that people that post comments on your site provide their email addresses and build your list in that fashion. When Stay Digesting

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Do you have rodents entering your house? You should check your home’s exterior to find small cracks through which small animals can squeeze. If you find any cracks fill them up with steel wool pads or poison. Often, something like mustard oil will be enough to keep the rodents at bay.Consider your pesticide application method if you have persistent bug problems. You’re really just trapping them inside your house if you only spray the outside. When spraying outside your home, also spray inside your home. If you have had a bedbug infestation and you think they are all gone, be careful. Bedbugs can hibernate an entire year. This is why you should make sure to close all open holes in walls and floors. The bugs won’t have anywhere to hide when their sanctuary is sealed off. Determine the sources of the pests in your living space first and foremost. You might want to be careful shopping in a thrift store. Stay Digesting

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Look for the motivated sellers. You have to look for them, particularly the sellers who are willing to sell for less than the market price. A motivated seller is the best indicator of a great deal.If you have the intention of offering your commercial real estate for rent, look for buildings that are simple and solid in construction. Rental spaces that appear sturdy and well-maintained tend to attract tenants more quickly. This type of property will also make maintenance much easier on both you and your tenant.Interview your prospective real estate broker to determine what they view as failures and successes, to see if their standards match yours. Find out their criteria for deciding whether a result is good or not. Make certain that you comprehend their strategies and techniques. Don’t work with any real estate broker whose beliefs and methods aren’t in line with your own. It takes time and hard work Stay Digesting

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Double-click your home button to see which the apps that are currently running. Then you’ll just select your app and click, and there you have it. Do the same thing when you want to go back to the one you were using previously. Taking a screenshot while using your iPad is extremely easy to do. Just press your Home button as well as the Sleep button simultaneously. That takes the shot and puts it with the rest of your pictures.Is your iPad asking you permission to join wi-fi networks? Go to settings and turn this off. Open the Wi-Fi tab of the settings menu and choose the last item in the list that appears if you don’t wish to receive network prompts. There is now an easy way to mute your iPad. The original iPads did not have a mute button. As of iOS 4.3, there was a choice of having the lock switch lock the orientation of the iPad or mute the sound. Now all you have to do is press the volume-down key Stay Digesting